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Her Royal Highness Queen Mykesha


World Music Commission


Empowering Women to Champion their Destiny


Her Royal Highness Queen Mykesha A. Robinson is Founder and President of the World Music Commission and is no stranger in the entertainment industry. With a strong history as a civic philanthropist and executive event producer, Robinson has held multiple titles and community service awards that have empowered celebrity platforms and international organizations worldwide.


HRH Queen Mykesha is a psychology graduate of the University of Washington and HRH has championed youth workforce development and through her efforts she has successfully empowered over 1000 youth to employment through the Blue Print for Workplace Success Program. Queen Mykesha  pursues her ambitions as an educator and youth advocate through her "American Youth Leadership Initiative” for advancing literacy, leadership and faith in America through the art of Music.


HRH Queen Mykesha has spearheaded diverse initiatives within the Los Angeles African American and Latino communities, serving as the consultant for Franklin Graham and Festival de Esperanza LA. Collaborating with over 2000 faith-based organizations and churches, Robinson has provided capacity-building services to rebuild programs for several renowned organizations.


In addition to her efforts in charitable causes, HRH Queen Mykesha  is known for her compassionate personality and versatile musical background, in which the industry has coined her "Queen of Music Charity." Her favorite hobbies include teaching, music, travel, sports, spending time with her family and public speaking. Utilizing her gifts of networking, negotiating and grant writing she has enabled youth all over America to achieve academic and personal goals.


When asked why she wanted to work in a challenging field she said, "I am so honored and overtaken by this blessing! I will continue to empower youth to champion their personal destinies through my faith and through civic engagement."


Serving in the 2012 Presidential Campaign as an Advance Team Staffer, Her Royal Highness Queen Mykesha traveled the road to victory with her fellow White House Associates and coordinated events and spearheaded media campaigns for President Barack Obama while employed with Obama for America. 



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